Courtesy Respect And Decency Of Behavior And Politeness of Speech are vital part of our School The Teachers Right to teach And a Students Right to Learn Cannot be Disturbed by The Action.of Others.The Following Practices Will Lead To Strict Disciplinary Action. .

=Irregular Attendance

=Habitual Late Coming

=Leaving The School Premises Without Permission.

=Bunking Class.

=Vandalizing School Properties.

=Bringing Mobile,I-pods,crackers,Colours etc.

=Use of Violence.

=Walking With hands in pockets.

=Running Whistling,Shouting and Abusing in the School premises.

=Standing In Groups Outside the School Premises.

=Wearing jewellery,long nails,Nails Polish,Eye Liner,Mehandi.

=Improper Hair Cut And Applying gel.

=Harassment to Girls or Junior Students.

=Use Of Unfair Means In the Examinations.

=Tempering With Documents like Achievement Records,Answersheet Etc.

=Bullying Other Fellow Students.